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21st September 2020





2nd August 2020























































31st July 2020

2.00 pm

An apology with no real updates since the event finished.

A new website is almost finished,

It will include a set of video clips from 2020, together with a photot albulm.

Expect to see it within 2 weeks.



A thrilling final few holes, culminated in a narrow victory for local player Harrison Sewell.

Playing out of the Parklands Club in Gosforth Tyne & Wear, he posted a final round 75, to pip Connor Graham from Blairgowrie Golf Club by 1 shot.

Here we see Harrison being presented with his trophy, by event organiser Guy Carr.



We will follow up with a series of other photos soon, together with an event gallery and video!!!


Still sunny - now 27 degrees.

Last 4 groups have now teed off and the first few groups have finished their rounds.


31st July 2020

11.30 am

Update: 12.15 pm Traffic diversion now removed - road open.

Still a cloudless skyline but .Traffic diversions  still in place.

Picture from the 1st Tee.

10.05 am


9.35 am

31st July 2020

Update: The water at the Clubhouse has been turned off.

There are no toilet facilities available.


There is a major Water Main Burst problem on the main road outside of the Golf Club and the road is being closed.

31st July 2020

A sunny day - not a cloud in the sky.

Bring plenty to drink as temperature is forecast to go above 25 degrees.

The First group has now teed off. Good luck to all. Enjoy the day.

30th July 2020

17:44 Heres the final live updates of today, the playing order for tomorrow will be posted on here later tonight


Todays final scoreboard below good luck to everyone tomorrow, remember the weather tomorrow is glorious



Congratulations to Harrison Sewell of Parklands Golf Club for achieving the competitions first hole in one on the 11th



15:19 Latest update, here's the scoreboard as it stands weather improving all of the time



14:27 Latest update, competition running on time, last players teed off at 13:50, weather improved, no rain now, scoreboard shots to follow



12:23 Latest update, here are the first finishers, their round has taken approximately 3 hours 50 minutes the rain has now eased to a drizzle



11:42 Latest updates,  its still raining but not to heavy, wind has eased slightly, here's some pictures from around the course



It's now 10:09, weather improving, rain easing, winds medium and from a different direction from yesterday,on your back going down the 18th



The first few brave soles are just about to tee off, it is raining but at least the wind is light, imagine the stopping power on the greens, forecast is to dry up around lunchtime



A typical summers day - it is raining.

Please bring your waterproofs.

Good luck tto all of the competitors to-day.


29th July 2020




































































































































28th June 2020






























27th June 2020



25th July 2020




22nd July 2020





21st July 2020





18th July 2020









































17th July 2020





16th July 2020



15th July 2020



14th July 2020




13th July 2020




11th July 2020





















































3rd July 2020





1st July 2020




28th June 2020



























27th June 2020




27th June 2020





















24th June 2020




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20th January 2020

2nd Round Draw and Gross Scores just added, we have a slight issue with Nett Scores, and will post them on Thursday.

First Tee time on Thursday is 8.30am, see you all soon.


Here's the final scoreboard update for round one.

Draw and Start Times will be published shortly.

See you all tomorrow.




Where has the first day gone of the championship, our last competitors are teeing off now @ 14:30, they are expected to complete their rounds in around 3 1/2 to 4 hours, tomorrows running order should be uploaded to the website early evening after all the scores are in and collated. Tthe order of play for tomorrow will be highest scores first, lowest scores last, fingers crossed for good weather


Here's a pic of the last three out today



The first of our three balls have just started to arrive back, the rounds are taking approximately 3 hours 30 minutes to complete



We're pleased to see the first round one finishers arriving onto a fast 18th hole, they've thoroughly enjoyed some good golf and great conditions



Some more early pictures from the championship



Early leaderboard of the North of England U14 Championship



Some pictures from the beginning of the championship





1st round well underway now, some great shots into the 1st green, some very good players going out onto the course


9am first players about to tee off - M Lister, J Lewis, R Mustard - Good luck to everyone


Bright Sunny Day at South Moor, winds have receded a bit.



Practice Rounds have been played today in strong winds, however forecast for next 3 days is much better!!!!





Practice Rounds and Team Event pages updated.



Practce Rounds and Team Events pages updated tonight.

Congratulations to Renato Paratore, who won today at neighbouring course Close House, in the Betfred British Masters.

In 2011 Renato, played at South Moor, finishing a creditable 23rd, in the McGregor Trophy.


Couple of items today, firstly, would like to welcome www.lumo.tax, as our scoreboard sponsor.

They offer innovative ways to reclaim tax, through a R&D tax claim.

They work on a % basis, they will be at our event, if you have any questions.

And delighted to announce that another video is going to be done of the event for 2020, by qualified and checked local videographer.


This time next week, practice rounds will be in full swing, prior to starting on 29th at 9.00am.

Starting times for the following 2 days will be from 8.30am, as in years past.

Revised draws will be posted on here as soon as they become available for the last 2 days.



All players instructions, together with pin position sheets have been emailed today.  We cannot print them out and hand them out as usual due to covid transfer possibilities.  If you use them, kindly print them off at home.  Plenty of new teams entered in the last 24 hours, and practice rounds almost completely booked. Work now going on at the club to sanitise and open up our artificial grass short game area.  We will have 4 stations on this, hitting from mats, we are installing next week.  Practice area again having some new mats installed, and we will sanitise them every morning, with the balls done every time they are collected, just some of the thought going into the event!!!


Practice rounds going fast, and check the first round draw, the times have changed slightly.

Volunteers for the event continue to make themselves available.

The kitchen will be open for sandwiches at least an hour before first tee of as well.

Players Instructions going out tomorrow and Sunday.


Practice Rounds continue to fill up, and remember enter those teams as soon as possible

Players info, including arrival instructions, and Covid precautions will be sent on Saturday.


First team entries now online, let us know straight away, if you want to enter  under14s@southmoorgc.co.uk.

Practice Rounds also full as well.


First Round Draw is no available above, regarding team event, can everyone who wants to enter a team please email us at

under14s@southmoorgc.co.uk, with details of the 3 players, and a team name.

We will open another page on Wednesday with details.


Entries closed at midday, however we are running a reserve list, just in case.

A provisional draw is taking place this afternoon, keep an eye out, it will be published tomorrow.

Players instructions, pin placements, Parental Consent Forms, and Club liability forms will follow soon.


Delighted to announce the event has picked up another sponsor, so we will bring the scoreboard back.

Always a popular item, all we request is you all follow social distancing rules.


Entries now stand at a round 100, closing date is 13th June at midday.



We would like to welcome Ian A Shaw, who is going to act as our referee and rules official over the 3 days.

He has recently passed his Level 2 Examination in the rules of golf, and will be a welcome addition to our team.


Entries are now up to 88, with 10 days to go, so a good field is expected, entries close 13th July 2020 at mid day.


Entries now stand at 77, with many practice rounds booked, now on the final straight towards entries closing on 13th July 2020 at 12.ooam.

Course looking fantastic, and we are bringing our final green keeper back off furlough, new greens machine also in use now.

Kee[ the entries coming, and pass on the word the event is a GO!!!!


Now up to 65 entries, with practice round bookings also busy.

Remember the team event as well, make up a team of 3 for a chance to win this fun event.



Picture shows back of our 9th green earlier this month.


Entries have now reached 60, with a sharp influx today, sfter the announcement the competition is going ahead.

That is 66% of the allocated 90 spaces, with 17 days to go.

Practice Rounds also continue to be booked, any queries  under14s@southmoorgc.co.uk




After a meeting of the competition committee last night, the decision has been taken to run the event.

However, their will be a few changes from previous years, which we hope you appreciate are outside our control.


1.  The scoreboard is currently cancelled, its becomes hard



to marshall from a social distancing point of view.

2.  Players are expected on site 40 minutes prior to tee off, 20 minutes on practice area, then onwards to putting green and tee.

3.  We would like 1 parent at least to follow their player on the course, to prevent large gatherings at the clubhouse.

4.  We expect a service in the clubhouse for food and drink to be available, this will be advised nearer the time.

5.  Rules with bunkers and cups will be reviewed prior to the event.

6.  We will ask everybody to sign a disclaimer form, together with a parental consent form.


It would have been too easy to cancel the event, but we are committed to making this work, however, should a second spike happen, or a local close down is invoked, we will have no option but to cancel the event at short notice.


The same friendly atmosphere will be given to all competitors and parents, and we are sure a great event will ensue.

Pass on the information to all your friends, any queries contact us at  under14s@southmoorgc.co.uk


Entries now stand at 51, with 1 withdrawal, decision day is Friday for the event.

We will consult with all parties, and come up with a safe decision

Details will be posted here on Saturday Morning.


Now up to 48 entries, and many practice rounds booked.

Decision date is next Friday 26th June 2020, this allows people with hotel accomodation to cancel easier.

That said, we continue to monitor the situation, and we may have a set of "rules" we need people to follow, to enable the event to run.

More as we know, but keep the entries coming in.




44 confirmed entries this morning, just under 50% of the allocated field.  Website just updated.




When paying for the event, can you either use the club bank account details on the entry form, or the paypal account under14s@southmoorgc.co.uk please.

3 weeks today we will make our final decision as to the events running, we still feel optomistic.


Entries have now reached 44% of the total number of 90 allocated spaces.

A decision date for the event will be announced over the weekend.

We continue to work on safety items in respect of competitor, parent and volunteeer's.


41% of entries now received, with 8 weeks to go before the event.

Final decision on go ahead will be made 4 weeks prior, when all safety aspects, and concerns will be discussed.

In the meantime government rules continue to be relaxed, and we plan accordingly.

Please pass the message onto all your friends, and possible competitors.


The course at South Moor is now open again, and has been kept in magnificent condition by our staff.

Entries and Practice Round requests have slowed during the past week, and although England Golf have recently cancelled events around the date of our event,we still have 9 weeks to go.

We will make a final decision at the end of June, after in depth club discussions we feel we have all of the precautions in place to make the event a sucess again.  Hotel Accomodation is becoming available again, and even if we have a reduced field compared to normal, we feel if competitor, player and volunteer safety can be assured, and we have no input from a governing body, we continue.

Any queries, please contact us on under14s@southmoorgc.co.uk.






A strong week of entries now sees almost a third of the 90 available places taken.

Many new entries from Scotland which is very encouraging.

Plans to have the course ready for competition are on-going, and we feel more and more confident every day we will be able to put on a great event again.

If competitors could pass on the news we look to be "on", that would be appreciated.

Weekly updates will now start again, remember to book your free practice round!!!



Update:  Confidence the event is going to be OK, has increased over the past week, after announcements from England Golf, and rescheduling of their events.  That being the case we would be delighted to take in any entries, and would encourage everybody entered already entered to contact their friends, colleagues, and fellow golfers.  Should anything change we will be in contact straight away.


Covid-19 Virus Update


England Golf have extended the cancellation of events until 27th July 2020, just prior to the date of our event.  With this in mind we will make a decision on the possibility of running the event on 15th June 2020.

If England Golf cancel the remainder of events in 2020, before us, we will do the same.

As mentioned before, the health and safety of all Competitors, Parents, and Volunteers is the highest priority.

If we cancel, we will refund, as per terms and conditions, and be back again in 2021.

More as we know.



CoronaVirus Update


While the situation with the CoronaVirus is still only partially known, we will continue to accept entries.

We have had no direction to cancel the event, and hope by the end of July, the virus threat will have passed.

If the situation changes, and we are forced to cancel the event in 2020, we will issue refunds in accordance with our terms and conditions.

The safety of all Parents/Competitors, and Volunteers is the primary concern for the golf club.

Any questions, please let us know at under14s@southmoorgc.co.uk

Further updates will be posted as they become available.


Another First - entry from Australia!!!


Delighted to announce the entry of Zara Gardam from Shooters Hill Golf Club, Melbourne, Australia.



First oversea's entry received !!!!


Welcome to Lili Brecken form the Abu Dhabi Golf Club, who has just entered.

The same club that 2017 Boys Winner Josh Hill is a member.




Entries have now reached 20% of the allocated tee times.


Practice Rounds and entries continue to be received, make sure you download and post/email yours now!!!!




Entries continue to grow at a pace, with 17 confirmed entries, and plenty of practice rounds booked.


First confirmed booking with our hotel partners, remember to quote your participation within the event to get your 15% discount.


The course at South Moor benefits from its own facebook page, you can keep an eye on the program of improvements.


Just look up South Moor Golf Club Green Keepers, on Facebook, we post on a weekly basis.




Entries reach 15%, Hotel discount codes announced.



12 Entries currently, with the first free practice rounds now booked as well.


We have now confirmed 15% off booking rates for each of the following local hotels:-


Hotel52 Based in Stanley a short distance from the Course  www.hotel52.co.uk

Beamish Park Hotel - Based in countryside with practice facilities attached  www.beamish-park-hotel.co.uk

Beamish Hall Hotel - Based right next to the world famous Beamish Open Air Museaum  www.beamish-hall.co.uk








Welcome everybody, entries are now open, and already we have 7 competitors registered.

We will be updating the list of entrants before the end of the week.

Remember for 2020, the North of England Under 14 Junior Stroke-Play championship co-incides with the Bitish Masters being held at Close House Golf Club, just outside Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Why not come along and play, then see a great field playing 10 miles away on the Saturday and Sunday after our event.

We will also be posting discount codes for the 3 local hotels before month end, these will give a 15% discount.





Joshua Hill at South Moot GC, 2017

Joshua Hill, who won the North of England [Under 14] Junior Open Stroke-play Championship in 2017 with a score of 229, became the youngest male player to win an Official World Golf Ranking event ,when he scooped up the won Al Ain Open on the Mena Tour in the United Arab Emirates at the age of 15 years, six months and 27 days old, beating the previous record set in 2007 by the Japanese player Ryo Ishikawa.

Joshua carded a final-round of 62 to reach 17 under par for the tournament's three rounds to land the title two shots clear of fellow Englishman Harry Ellis. However, as Joshua remains an amateur, his £10, 500 prize money was awarded to the professional Ellis.

The Mena Tour, held in the Middle East and North Africa, became an Official World Golf Ranking tournament in 2016.

Hill went into the event at 2,072 in the world rankings and is projected to move up to around number 1,200 in the world following his win.

“I really don't know what to say right now”, said Joshua. “I am shocked. If you had told me during the summer that I would be winning a Mena Tour title against professionals, and become the youngest ever winner of an Official World Golf Ranking event, I would have laughed at the notion.".

Former Masters champion Danny Willett was among the high-profile players to congratulate Hill, tweeting the feat was "seriously impressive", while former world-number-one Lee Westwood described the win as "brilliant". Six-time major winner Sir Nick Faldo tweeted: "Great playing Josh... what's next for you ?"

Born and raised in Dubai, Joshua ia me member at the Jumeirah Golf Estates, UAE, andis the youngest member of the England Under-18 international squad.


Organised by England Golf, the English Boys [Under 14] Strokeplay Championship for the Reid Trophy is currently being played at the Trentham Golf Club, Staffordshire, and comes to an end later today.

Joseph Linel [ Biarritz Le Phare] is leading the pack with a 6 under par score of 210.

Congratulations to all the boys who took part in the North of England [Under 14] Junior Open Stroekplay Championship at South Moor Golf Club last week, some of which are listed below:

Joshua Berry [Doncaster GC, Yorkshire], the winner at South Moor, is tied third on 2 under par 214; Harley Smith [The Rayleigh Club, Essex] tied 5th with Dylan Shaw Radford [Huddersfield GC, Yorkshire] on level par 216,; Junior Dobson [Matfen Hall GC, Northumberland] tied 10th on 219; Sam Easterbrook [Wishaw GC, Cheshire] tied 23rd on 224, and Aiden Millham [Windlesham GC] Surrey] tied 25th on 225.

Meanwhile the English Girls Under 14 Championship, also organised by England Golf, is taking place at Gerrards Cross Golf Club, Buckinghamshire, where Miss Ellen Yates [Windlesham GC, Surrey], who was also with us at South Mooor last week, is currently tied second witha 54 hole total of 9 over par 225.

 Image: Josh Berry [Doncaster GC]

3 August, 2019 2019 CHAMPIONSHIP REVIEW

After a shaky start the sixth North of England [Under 14] Junior Open Stroke-play Championship ended in fine style, with Josh Berry [74-69-143], [Doncaster GC, Yorkshire], claiming top spot for the second year in succession by a single stroke. In a thrilling finish  Berry edged out Louis Vallis [75-69-144] [Thorndon Park GC, Essex], on the final greenwith Dylan Shaw Radford [73-71-144] [Huddersfield GC, Yorkshire], with Vallis taking the runner-up spot on a card-play off. Todd McKie [Eaton GC, Cheshire] carded a 147.

Torrential rain caused severe flooding problems in the north of England, with South Moor GC awash, the first day of play was washed out before lunch. However, following sterling work by the host club's greens team, the second and third days got through with the players damp but unscathed.



           Championship Winner: Josh Berry [Doncaster GC. Yorkshire]                                 Girl's Winner:Alexandra Bonfield [Fulford GC, Yorkshire]


Alexandra Bonfield [Fulford GC, Yorkshire] added to the success of the neighbouring county Yorkshire, by winning the leading girls gross prize returning matching scores of 78-78 for a total of 156. Phoenix GC's Charlotte Colley, playing off a handicap of 15, contributed to the White Rose county's collection, with a nett 138 to pick up the trophy for the girl's best handicap score. Six handicap Lucia Maturi, of the Lindrick GC, completed the set of four wins, with a nett total of 156.

Surrey also took home a basketful of silverware, with Cuddington GC's Kris Kim collecting the trophy for the leading under 12 year-old with scores of 78-80-158, while his brother Matthew, playing off a handicap of 10 taking the boy's under 12 handicap prize with a nett total of 143. Not to be outdone Matilde Santilli, from the Foxhill's GC, added to the triple haul with the girls under 12's


Meanwhile, eleven handicapper Mark Hewlett, of Worcestershire's Gaudet Luce GC, snatched the boys handicap prize with a fine aggreagte nett score of 66-63-129.

Josh Berry and Louis Vallis were joined by Harley Smith [The Rayleigh GC, Essex] to form the team of Ess Bee Vee and win the Team Prize with a score of 286, presented to the team of three players, with two scores to count, producing the best aggregate score over the first two rounds of the Championship.

Several competitors in this year's Championship did themselves proud in England Golf's McGregor Trophy held at the host club Radcliffe on Trent, , where the event was inaugurated in 1982. Fourteen year-old Harley Smith closed with a final round of 74 to claim victory in the Jean Case Salver for the leading competitor under the age of 15. Harley, set himself up for victory with a superb five-under par 65 in the morning to finish 5 shots clear of Italy’s Pietro Guido Fenoglio [Royal Park Roveri,] tied overall in sixth place.

This year's Championship was sponsored by the Rossall School and Scrimger and Oakes, of the St. James Place Wealth Management Group, which has renewed its sponsorship deal for 2019. Set in an historic 160 acre campus, on the picturesque Lancashire coastline, Rossall School is one of the country’s leading independent co-educational boarding and day schools. Steeped in sporting excellence, the Rossall School Golf Academy boasts an indoor golf studioand is equipped with the latest video analysis equipment. Director of Golf, and resident PGA golf professional coach Stuart Hemmings, enjoyed sharing information with competitors throughout the event.    

Once again the leading boy and girl players have been offered the opportunity of entering the 2019 North of England [Under 16] Junior Open Championship, held at the Heswall GC, Cheshire from the 19-23 August. The leading three players and leading girl will all be exempt from ballot in next year's 2020 North of England [Under 16] Junior Open Championship.


                           Charlotte Colley [Phoenix GC] on the first tee



          Eleven year-old South Moor GC local lass Morgan Bailey tees off                                     Cameron Gilray of the South Moor GC on the first



  Twelve year-old Alfie Baldwin

  [Wilton GC]. Best 'strides' in the Championship


                             Practice range                                                        Let's hear it for the girls !                                                        Practice range

                                                                                         Lucia Maturi, Alexandra Bonfield, Charlotte Colley

  Jake Wallis 0f the Garforth GC, Yorkshire carded a 73 for a 36 hole gross total of 158, to share the lead with Leo Vorobyev of the Windlesham GC, Surrey, who posted a 76 to go with his score of yesterday of 82. Fifteen handicap Charlotte Colley of the Phoenix GC, Yorkshire leads the 36 hole handicap section with a nett score of 138, while Ellen Yates [Windlesham GC, Surrey] leads the girls gross section with an overall gross total of 159.
  Local lass, 11 year-old Morgan Bailey, from the host club of South Moor, paired with ten year-old Arthur Saunders of the Littlestone GC, Kent, putted out on the 18th green in under three hours. That is a great example of Ready Golf !


                                             Arthur Saunders of Littlestone GC, Kent and Hal Theakston of the Middlesbrough GC,Teesside

                                                                                           strike the first tee shots on the final day.                          

  Well set for a good final day. Tight scoring at the top with four youngsters tied at the top on one over par.
1 August, 2019 FOUR CRACKERS
  Sam Easterbrook [Wishaw GC, Staffordshire], Todd McKie [Eaton GC, Cheshire], Frazer Jones [Kirby Muxloe, Leicestershire] and Dylan Shaw Radford [Huddersfield GC, Yorkshire] all had cracking rounds of one over par rounds of 73 carded, to tie for top spot.
  Ben Willis, who plays off a handicap of four at the South Shields GC, shot to the front of the pack with a gross 74. Ben went out in 36 and came home in 38, his card included just two birdies on the par 3 third, and thet ricky par 413th.
  Veteran of the North of Engand Under 14 Championship Miss Zara Ali of the Cookridge Hall GC, Yorkshire joins the leaders with a gross 77 off 7 handicap, along with 7 handicap newcomer to the event Ugo Nygoyen  [Dulwich and Sydenham GC, London] with another 77 gross.
  Gaudet Luce Golf Club's Mark Hewlett joins Ruby Esterbrook at the top of the leader board with a gross 77 off a handicap of 11, after bogeying three of the four par threes, and recovering with a level par inward half.
  Sixteen handicap Ruby Esterbrook, of the Bishop's Stortford GC, Hertfordshire, posted a staggering 77 gross to head the early starters,for a 12 under par nett score of 61.

Current 54 hole Championship course records are:

Under 14: 220 - Josh Berry, Doncaster GC, South Yorkshire, England.

Under 12: 223 - Fergus Brown, Gullane GC, East Lothian, Scotland.

Girls: 226 - Miss Rosanna Halls, Cleobury Mortimer GC, Worcestershire, England.

Current 36 hole Championship course records are:

Under 14: 144 - Barclay Brown, Hallamshire GC, Yorkshire, England.

Under 12: 159 - Will Lewis, Long Ashton GC, Gloucestershire, England.

Girls: 163 - Miss Rebecca Earl, Bishop's Stortford GC, Hertfordshire, England.


We're back in action here at South Moor and the early starters are out on the course. There has been a few light showers earlier on, but right now the sun is shining.

The 'Likely Lads'


                                                  10 year-old Alex Boyes, Eaglescliffe GC, Teesside [H'c 17]               Alfie Baldwin,[H/c 11]Wilton GC,

                                                        won the Graeme Storm Under 12 Mini Storm Trophy.                       Teesside. Smart 'strides' !


                                                                Pre-play putting practice                                  Local lad Cameron Gilroy [South Moor GC] tees off


Torrential rain made it necessary to bring the players off the course as the greens flooded. The Tournament Committee held a further review at 11 o'clock and it was agreed that since there was a liklihood of more heavy rain later in the day the course would be closed and the first round abandoned. A fresh draw has been made and posted on the website.

The 5th Green

  Torrential rain at 10.30 rendered the course temporarily unplayable as the greens have flooded. Players have been brought off the course and a further review will be held when the rain subsides. We remain hopeful we will be able to complete the round.
31.July, 2019 THEY'RE UNDER WAY

The first players got off the mark at 9.30 a.m. after a half-hour rain delay while the greenkeepers prepared the course.

Grace Ward [Lincoln GC, Lincolnshire], [Morgan Bailey [South Moor GC, County Durham], Charlotte Colley [Phoenix GC, Yorkshire]

         Left to right: Charlotte Colley,                             Grace Ward                                           Charlotte Colley                        Local Lass, Morgan Bailey

          Morgan Bailey, Grace Ward

  The Tournament Committee has completed its inspection and play will now commence at 9.30 a.m. Players should report to the starter 5 minutes before their revised starting time which will now be 30 minutes later than their published starting time.
31 July, 2019 RAIN DELAY !

At 6.45 a.m. the golf course was flooded in parts and the Tournament Committee have agreed to temporarily delay the start of play. An inspection will be held at 9.00 a.m., and if the course is playable, play will commence at 9.30 a.m. Today's round is to be declared Non- Qualifying, with Preferred Lies on closely mown areas of the course. Pictured 7th green.





In 2011 the South Moor Golf Club hosted the England Golf's [Under 16] Junior Open Championship for the McGregor Trophy, which was founded in 1984 by Roy Case, who was the President of England Golf in 2008.

Roy helped found the North of England [Under 14] Junior Open Strokeplay Championship six years ago with the current Club President Guy Carr. In recognition the South Moor GC has renamed its 13th hole McGregor.

England Golf is pleased to be so honoured and extends its grateful thanks to th South Moor GC and sends its best wishes for a successful championship now and in the future.


South Moor Golf Club is pleased to welcome Rossall School as a major sponsor for the the North of England [Under 14] Junior Open Stroke-play Championship. Rossall will join with the St. James Wealth Management Group and add its support for the growing popularity of the Championship.

Set in an historic 160 acre campus, on the picturesque Lancashire coastline, Rossall School is one of the country’s leading independent co-educational boarding and day schools. Dating back to 1844, it combines a traditional British education with a modern approach, where its pupils can enjoy learning, in a safe and secure environment.

Steeped in sporting excellence, the Rossall School Golf Academy has been ranked number 1 by the Independent Schools Golf Association. It boasts an indoor golf studio, equipped with the latest video analysis equipment and GC2 launch monitor/simulator,

The Director of Golf and resident PGA golf professional coach is Stuart Hemmings, who throughout his career has competed at both amateur and professional level since 1991.

For further information visit: about-rossall



                         Rossall School                                   Stuart Hemmings, Director of Golf                                         New Sponsorship Signage

30 July 2019



Practice rounds commenced today at 11 o'clock in heavy showers of rain.

Harry Hewell, Gog Magog, Cambs. tees off, with Evan Snook, Wheatley, Yorks. Hal Theakston, Middlesbrough, Teeside, tees off on 18 partnered with Jamie Skinner Brass Castle, Cleveland, and Oliver Butts, Matfen Hall, Northumberland. Miss Chewon Cho of the Cuddington GC, Surrey and Miss Lucia Maturi of the Lindrick Golf Club, S. Yorks. tee off in their practice round

Looks like we may have managed to dodge the recent heatwave, but are prepared for some wet weather. Pack your rain gear !

  Entries have now closed for the 2019 Championship. Entries have been received from to date from 23 English counties, plus 4 from the Scottish counties of Aberdeenshire, East Lothian, Fife and Renfrewshire, 1 from the county of Flintshire in Wales,1 from the Netherlands, and 1 from Belgium. The entries received to date include 19 girls [21%] and 19 players under 12 years of age [21%]. More than half of the entries received are from 37 clubs situated in the North of England, with 16 entries from 12 clubs in the Midlands, 19 entries from 14 clubs in the South East, and 3 entries from 1 club in the South West. Just short of half of the field are single figure handicap players [49%], and 70 are Category One or Category Two players [76%]. The average handicap of all the players currently standing at 10.0.  There are currently 3 players in the field under ten years of age, nine year-old Matthew Kim, who plays off a handicap of 12 at the Cuddington GC, Surrey, isthe youngest player to enter the event, by a little over three weeks from Arthur Saunders of the Littlestone GC, Kent, Alex Boyes won the Graeme Storm Under 12 Mini Storm Trophy, makes up the trio.
  You might be interested to know that since the North of England [Under 14] Junior Open Championship was inaugurated in 2014 a total of 352 different players have competed in the event, including those listed to start in this year's Championship, of which 68 were girsl [19.3%]. Players have taken part from 225 different golf clubs, representing 31 of England Golf's 34 County Unions. The hospitable South Moor Golf Club has also welcomed competitors from Belgium, China, Hungary, the Netherlands, Scotland, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates and Wales.
19 July 2019 2019 McGREGOR TROPHY

Several competitors in this year's North of England [Under 14] Junior Open Championship did themselves proud in England Golf's McGregor Trophy held at the host club Radcliffe on Trent, Nottingham where the event was inaugurated in 1982. Special congratulations to 14-year-old Harley Smith, who closed with a 74 to claim a five-shot victory in the Jean Case Salver for the leading competitor under the age of 15. Harley, from The Rayleigh Club in Essex, set himself up for victory with a superb five-under par 65 in the morning to finish 5 shots in front of Italy’s Pietro Guido Fenoglio [Royal Park Roveri] on one under par 283, to finish tied overall in sixth place

Ireland’s Joshua Hill shot a level par 70 in the last round to come from behind and win the English Boys’ Under 16 Stroke Play Championship. The 15-year-old from Galgorm Castle GC began his final round 4 shots behind Scottish Under 16 champion Cameron Adam, of the Royal Burgess Golfing Society, Edinburgh, but took advantage when the Scot carded two double bogeys in his opening nine of 40, before coming home in 35. Hill’s four-under par aggregate of 276 was enough to see him finish one shot ahead of Adam, and 3 in front of Spain’s Eduardo De los Rios, Club de Campo Laukariz, whose closing round of 67 included seven birdies and a seven on the par 5 seventh hole.

  The kids from Bloemfonteinl School enjoyed a fun day of coaching yesterday at the South Moor Golf Club with PGA European Tour Professional, Graeme Storm.
24 June 2019



Congratulations to ten year-old Alex Boyes, who plays off a current handicap of 17 at the Eaglescliffe GC, Teeside. Alex won the Graeme Storm Under 12 Mini Storm Trophy a week ago, and for his trouble now receives a free entry into the North of England [Under 14] Junior Open Stroke-play Championship.

Congratulations Alex, we look forward to seeing you at South Moor later this year.

PGA European Tour winner Graeme Storm launched the Graeme Storm Junior Open in April 2016. Open to boys and girls aged between 11 and 18, the tournament is held annually at the Hartlepool Golf Club, with the highest placed boy and girl players from the under 14 sections allocated an invitation to compete in the 54 hole North of England [Under 14] Junior Open Championship held at the South Moor Golf Club, County Durham, providing they fulfil the  entry requirements.



Image: Graeme Storm


Thirteen year-old regular competitor in the North of England [Under 14] Junior Open Stroke-play Championship, Freddie McKenna, earned his entry into this year's event through his gross win of 68 in the under 14 section of the Graeme Storm Junior Championship held at the Hartlepool Golf Club. Freddie is a member of the Tynemouth GC, Tyne & Wear, and playes off a handicap of 2.                                                        Six handicap Imogen Williamson won the girls section with a gross score of 88, but unfortunately is unable to accept the invitation as the Championship coincides with apre-arranged family holiday in Majorca.                                                                                                      Congratulations Freddie, and we're sorry we won't be seeing you at South Moor this year Imogen, but hope you have a great holiday.


Have a look at this great video on the subject of South Moor Golf Club, its history, development plans, featuring the Club Chairman, Guy Carr [pictured above], and 11 year old Morgan Bailey. Its so good it makes you want to play there !



Sixteen year old Ben Schmidt of the Rotherham Golf Club, Yorkshire became the youngest ever winner of the English Men’s Open Amateur Stroke Play, one of the most sought-after titles in international men’s amateur golf for England Golf's prestigious Brabazon Trophy, with a sub-par score of 271, 13 under par.

Ben played in the North of England [Under 14] Junior Championship in 2016, finishing tied 4th place with a score of 232.

Ben took advantage of the exemption he earned when he won the 2018 English Boys’ County Champion of Champions tournament.


Hotel 52 is a newly furnished 23 bedroom hotel located in the centre of Stanley, County Durham, just a few minutes drive away fro the South Moor GC. Each of it's rooms has been refurbished and offers en-suite facilities.Meals are served in the hotel's own restaurant, which is situated adjacent to the hotel.

Hotel 52 has agreed to offer a 15% discount on it's standard rates for competitors in the 2019 North of England [Under 14] Junior Open Championship. To claim a competitors discount simply quote: Competitors Discount Code - GOLF15 when making a reservation.

Stanley Hotel 52, Joicey Square, Stanley, County Durham. DH9 0P,  Telephone: 01207 263 790.  Email: stanley@hotel52.co.uk


04 May, 2019



15 April 2019 R & A RULE CHANGES FOR 2019

The R & A a to fill the needs of ttoday's g;lobal game.nd the USGA have announced changes to the Rules of Golf effective from January 2019. The changes are designed to bring the Rules of Golf up to date for today's global game.

Make sure you don't get caught out !

CLICK HERE to view 20 Must Know Rules.

  The first entry from an overseas country was received earlier today from 13 year old Mattias Henke in the Hague, Netherlands, who playes off a handicap of 8 at the Broekpolder Golf Club, one of the oldest clubs in the Netherlands.

Faye Wheatley will return to South Moor Golf Club in the summer to make a final bid for the girls's title in the 2019 North of England [Under 14] Junior Open Stroke-play Championship. Thirteen year-old Faye plays out of the Gosforth Park Ladies Golf Club off a handicap of five.

  Guy Carr retweeted, 'Parents are Important Too !', a great relective article published by ' Playing Pasts' an on-line sports magazine, written by Roy Case, the Tournament Organiser of the North of England  [Under 14] Championship. Check it out CLICK HERE .
Thirteen year-old Cameron Gilray is the first youngster from the South Moor Golf Club to enter the 2019 North of England  [Under 14] Championship. Cameron, who plays off 11 handicap, will be maiking his second appearance in the event.

Dubai-born teenager, Josh Hill, who won the 2017 North of England  [Under 14] Championship at the age of 13, has recorded a statistic any PGA touring professional would be proud of. Josh is now one of the hottest amateur prospect in junior golf. Since February 2018, he has returned an amazing 54 under par aggregate total in an 11 tournament run .

A member at the Jumeirah Golf Estates Club, Josh's winning habit is hard to keep track of. 

In the 3 months ending in late April 2018, he rattled off a staggering 8 tournament wins, 6 of which came in Men’s Open events. Josh ran away with the Emirates Golf Federation Order of Merit title after creating new course records of 65 and 68 at the Trump Dubai and the Track golf courses respectively.  

Although not all teen golfing prodigies go on to become golfing professional super- stars, his progress so far is an encouraging pointer towards a powerfully impressive future in the game. Those in the know predict Josh Hill is the real deal.

And don’t forget … you saw him first !

It was in the North of England [Under 14] Junior Open Stroke-play Championship held at the South Moor Golf Club in 2016, when the +2 handicap, thirteen year-old Josh, who won the Under 12's title in 2016, showed his class, carding the best round of the final day, to make up a 3 shot deficit witha quality round of 75, to climb through the field and take the title with a score of 229, one shot ahead of the chasing pack.

Josh Hill relaxes before the start of his final round.

13 January, 2019


Confirmation has been received from Joshua Berry of the Doncaster GC, South Yorkshire will be returning to South Moor GC in August to defend the North of England [Under 14] title he won last year. Joshua now plays off a handicap of +0.2.

The 2018 Championship ended in front of an excited crowd, with 1 handicap Joshua Berry triumphant 4 over par score of 76 - 73 - 71 -220 to win by two strokes from Scotland's Cormac Sharpe of Blairgowrie GC, Perthshire. Scratch golfer Cormac finished with a final round of 76 - 76 - 73 - 222. In third place was another Scot, Ruben Lindsay of the Ayr Bellisle GC, who produced an excellent sub-par final round to end his challenge with scores of 74 - 79 - 70 - 223. Josh won the Under 12's section of the tournament in 2017.

                                                                                                                                                                                      Image: Josh Berry

13 January, 2019


Agreement has recently been reached with European Tour pro Graeme Storm that, subject to the terms and conditions of entry of the North of England [Under 14] Junior Open Championship, free entry will once again be granted to the leading boy and girl in the Under 14's section of the Graeme Storm Junior Open tournament, which is to be held at the Hartlepool GC, County Durham, on the 27th April, 2019.



The number of books published on the subject of cricket are numerous and varied, most of which relate to the men’s game. Despite the recent success and rapidly developing interest in women’s cricket, books examining this topic are relatively scarce. 

The Pebble in my Shoe ranges from the 18th century to the present day and examines, in some detail, numerous heroines of the sport, the famous Pittwater Picnic held in Australia in 1934, the Colwall Festival of Cricket, the Women’s World Cup, the Women’s Ashes, and much, much more.

The Pebble in My Shoe. An Anthology of Women’s Cricket, was written and compiled by Roy Case, and will be out soon,  available through the author, or on http://www.amazon.co.uk and  https://www.barnesandnoble.com/

Published by AuthorHouse UK - www.authorhouse.co.uk 0800 197 4150

Ebook:         @ £  2.99    ISBN978-1-5462-9980-6

Soft cover:   @ £ 12.95   ISBN978-1-5462-9981-3

Hard Cover: @ £ 23.99   ISBN978-1-5462-9982-0

As a lover of sport I hope you will find of interest.

Other publications include: 

The McGregor Story. The First Thirty Years - 2008. 

Many of the world’s leading professional golfers competed in the McGregor Trophy as youngsters, and fondly remember the important part the tournament played in their development. The McGregor Trophy was inaugurated and was later adopted in 1993 by England Golf as the English Boys’ Under 16 Open Stroke Play Championship.

The Victorian Pioneers - 2016

An appealing story of a team of a dozen English cricketers which in 1859 travelled to Canada and North America to compete in the first inter-continental cricket tour.


European Tour winner Graeme Storm launched the Graeme Storm Junior Open in April 2016, in association with Durham’s Dyke House Sports and Technology College, where he serves as the golf consultant to nurture, improve and drive the ambitions of talented squad of young golfers. Open to boys and girls aged between 11 and 18, the Graeme Storm Junior Open Tournament will be held at the Hartlepool Golf Club on the 7 May, 2018, with the highest placed boy and girl players from the under 14 sections allocated an invitation to compete in the 54 hole North of England [Under 14] Junior Open Championship 54 hole which will be held at the South Moor Golf Club, County Durham, from the 31 July–3 August, providing they fulfil the  entry requirements.

The entire proceeds collected through the £10.00 entry fee donated to its children’s charity partner the  Finlay Cooper Trust. which was formed, following a tragic fatal choking accident in 2002. When his father's career in football came to an end in 2006, he and his family wanted to do something positive in Finlay's name to try and help children’s causes.

This year Storm will be launching a new tournament for 7 - 10 year olds called the MinI Storm competition which will be held at the Wynard Golf Club.

Hartlepool GC professional Storm, said, ”I am keen to put something back into the sport which has served me so well over the years, and it will be nice to pass on some of my experiences to young golfers across the region.”

Storm won the English Amateur Championship and represented GB & I in the Walker Cup, and in 1994 triumphed as a youngster in the English Boys [Under 16] Junior Open Stroke-play Championship for the McGregor Trophy, which was founded by Roy Case, who was instrumental in helping initiate the successful North of England [Under 14] Junior Open Stroke-play Championship at South Moor Golf Club.

Graeme Storm

7 February, 2018


Max Hopkins,

Bishop's Stortfort GC, Hertfordshire

Max Hopkins [Bishop’s Stortford GC, Herfordshire], who shared first place with Ben Pierleoni [Berkhamsted GC, Herfordshire, in the 2016 North of England Under 14 Junior Open Stroke-play Championship with a gross score of 277, claimed another historic win at the prestigious in the Algarve, where he clinched a three-shot victory in the Telegraph Vitality Junior Golf Championship over the North Course at Quinta do Lago.

              Making his debut appearance, Hopkins was hailed as a ‘star in the making’ when he became the youngest champion in the 33-year history of the competition. The 14-year-old returned a composed final-round of 71 which proved enough to seal his place in the record books as the only player in the 21-strong field to finish under par in the 54-hole tournament.

              Standing just 5ft 5in, he coped brilliantly with the demands of the course and rated his performance as ‘my greatest win’.

              ‘It will take time for this to sink in,’ Hopkins said. ‘I had a few nerves on the short putts but I wasn't nervous coming up the last as I knew the other scores.’

              On devilishly quick greens with intimidating pin positions, his final round was undoubtedly the standout achievement of the week.

              Now an England Under-16 squad member, Max had to make with twice-daily messages from home, since his parents, who are both school-teachers at Hockerill College in Bishop’s Stortford, were unable to be there in person to offer their support of his parents to offer their support

              With applause ringing out on the atmospheric 18th, Hopkins scorer was left in no doubt of his abilities. ‘I've never seen a round like it from a 14-year-old.  He was ice cool, a star in the making like’.

              Congratulations Max, from all your friends at the South Moor Golf Club, and fellow competitors of the North of England Under 14 Junior Open Stroke-play Championship.


              Well done Max !

                                                                        13 November, 2017


Aaron Oakes of the St. James Place Wealth Partnership ahs confirmed that the on-course advertising, and media reviews in local newspapers and magazines had proved to be a  definite benefit, and consequently the St. James Wealth Management Partnership has generously agreed to contine to serve as the prime sponsor of the North of England Under 14 Junior Open Stroke-play Championship for 2018.  The St. James's Place Wealth Management Group specialises in delivering face-to-face wealth management advice to individuals, trustees and businesses, and in addition to addressing straightforward issues such as mortgages and insurance, will offer its help in resolving more complex financial problems on behalf of its clients. Everyone involved in the organisation and administration of the North of England [Under 14] Junior Open Stroke-play Championship is extremely grateful to Aaron Oakes and Mike Kyle and theSt. James's Place Wealth Partnership for its continuing support.

2 November, 2017


14-year-old rising star Hannah Golding, who won the girls trophy at the North of England [Under 14] Junior Open Stroke-play Championship at South Moor GC in August this year, shows off her iron skills at the British Masters at Close House to her idol, British No 1 Charlie Hull, and Sky TV presenter Nick Dougherty .

Hannah played in the pro-am on Tyneside on Wednesday, alongside Belgium's Nicolas Colsaerts, after earning a place in the competition by winning the Bridgestone UK Chase Your Dream Trophy.

The teenager, who hopes to secure a place on the LPGA tour hereslf in the future, watched Hull hit a few shots, and then took a turn herself. Both Hull and Dougherty offered her advice after being impressed with Hannah's swing.

Hull later tweeted 'It was great to meet Hannah at Close House.'

Hannah Golding [Brocton Hall GC, Staffordshire]

30 September, 2017


For a number of reasons the 2017 Championship turned out to be a real thriller ! On the opening day fine weather was frequently with spells of heavy rain, and on the morning of the second day players were subjected to constant rain, which led to play being abandoned at 11.30. In spite of the valiant efforts of the greens staff and numerous volunteers the weather eventually won through and course became unplayable with flooded greens. Nonetheless after a brief suspension of 45 minutes the sun came out and play was resumed, with the competitors enjoying a trouble free afternoon. Trouble free that is except for strong winds which caused a few tricky problems for some. However, Mikey Shepherd [North Berwick GC, East Lothian] coped admirably matching the standard scrath for the day with a gross 73. The final day was played out in glorious sunshine, although the strong winds prevailed sending scores soaring.   The CSS for the first day increased by one for the bays to 72, and the girls remained unchanged at 74, on the second day the CSS increased further to 73 for the boys, and to 77 for the girls. While on the final the CSS for girls and the boys increased by 2 to 76 and 73 respectively.

At the end of the first day five handicap Matthew Sandoz [Wrexham GC, North Wales] led the field with a score of 74, followed one shot back by two handicapper Henry Warnock Thompson [Littlestone GC, Kent], with Satria Cumming [Lingdale GC, Leicestershire[ a further shot adrift on 76. Hannah Golding [Brocton Hall GC, Staffordshire] led the girls chase for the title witha fine round of 78 off a handicap of 7, while Dylan Shaw Radford [Huddersfield GC, Yorkshire] topped the under 12's table with a round of 80.

The morning of the second day was not so appealing, following a night of heavy rain which persisted throughout the best part of the morning. Henry Warnock Thompson continued his form and overtook the leader with a score of 76 for a two round total of 147. However, Bence Kotel [Royal Baltaton Golf & Yacht Club, Hungary] produced a stunning round of 74 to join him at the top of the leader board.O'Hagen [Old Course Ranfurly, Renfrewshire] added a fine round of 75 to card an aggregate score of 153 and claim third place on his own. Meanwhile, Cameron Adam [Royal Burgess GS, Edinburgh] matched his opening round of 77 to share fourth place on 154 with the in-form Joshua Hil [Jumeirah Golf Estates, Dubai, UAE] who added a 76 to his opening round of 78.

Hannah Golding took a firm grip on the girls championship adding a score of 80 to her opening round to post a total of 158. With Dylan Shaw Radford returning another round of 80 to head the under 12's on 160.

Mikey Shepherd had the best round of the day with a stunning 73 in the most atrocious conditions.


                                                              Joshua Hill poised to attack !                                                              The Hill family celebrate Joshua's win

Glorious weather on the morning final day saw the players optimistic for a good score, but the hopes of a number of them were dashed with high winds playng havoc with the scoring.

The Team Trophy, which is decided by taking the two best scores from a team of three players was decided over the first two days of the championship to provide a 72 hole total. This year it was won by The Celtic Raiders, a team from north of the border made up of Cameron Adam, Cameron Johnston [Troon Welbeck GC, Ayshire] and Aiden O'Hagen with agrioss score of 3 07. The handicap team prize was won by The Three Girls team of Hannah Golding, Kirsten Porte and Constance Brooks [Gaudet Luce GC, Worcestershire] with a nett score of 281

Hannah Golding continued to show fine form posting a final round of 80 for an aggregate score of 238 to clinch the girls title by 7 shots from her good friend Kirsten Porte [Gaudet Luce GC, Worcestershire], who won the best handicap prize with a nett score of 212. This result allowed Libby Bell [Gosforth Park Ladies GC, Northumberland] in to to be awraded with the best girl's handicap prize on 221.

Young Joshua Berry [Doncaster GC, Yorkshire] took the under 12's honours after posting a final round score of 77 for a total of 238, pipping Dylan Shaw Radford to the post by a stroke.

Playing in the final group, Matthew Warnock Thompson, with a score of 85, fell away to finsih in 9th place overall. As did Bence Kotel, who despite a final round of 80 managed to hang on to a share of third place with Duran Gun who made up ground with a card of 76. Cameron Adam maintained his form and his round of 76 took second place one stroke back with an aggregate total of 230.

Plus two handicapper, thrirteen year-old Joshua Hill, who won the Under 12's title last year, showed his class and made up the three shot deficit of the second day, carding a quality round of 75, the best round of the day, to climb through the field and take the title on 229, one shot ahead of the chasing pack.

The South Moor GC Ladies Captain welcomed evryone to the club and thanked the many volunteers who had made the event possible under the most difficult of conditions. The championship is supported by the St. James Place Wealth Management Group and the prizes were presented by its representative Mike Kyle.

2017 Prize Winners

Winner: Joshua Hill

Jumeirah Golf Estates, Dubai, UAE

Joshua Hill with Roy Case


                            Mike Kyle of the sponsors St. James Place Wealth Management Group                         The Celtic Raiders    

                                                      presents the Under 12 Trophy to Joshua Berry                                        Team Trophy Winners


                                                                                                    Spectataors at the Prize Giving and around the 18th Green




'Nice little bounce back with a win at the North of England [Under 14Junior Golf Open Championship] after his last poor and fatigued performance. A very mature, measured, controlled performance during three amazingly difficult days of golf !

It started off worse than his last performance, but continued to improve and finished with some of the best 'competitive' golf I have ever seen Josh play. We had hard greens and fairways, to soft greens and fairways, it rained so hard play was suspended, and a stupidly strong wind on the final day. On the last day Josh was three behind the leaders, and lost three shots in the the first three holes on the final day, due to some amazing golf being played. Josh said, 'What I was most happy with is that after a quadruple bogie at the first hole, I was able to pull things together.'

It was lovely to get Nana out on a buggy, so she could watch Josh for at least two days of the summer ! Thank you to South Moor Golf Club, and all the organisers, it always a great little venue and event !'



Guy Carr of the North of England [Under 14] Junior Open Stroke-play Championship is pleased to announce the St. James's Place Wealth Management Group is to become the prime sponsor of the Championship for 2017. In addition to addressing straightforward issues such as mortgages and insurance, the Group specialises in delivering face-to-face wealth management advice to individuals, trustees and businesses.Whatever your financial situation the St. James Partnership can help to resolve complex problems on your behalf.

5 February, 2017



This appealing book reveals the story of a team of a dozen English cricketers which travelled to Canada and North America in 1859 to compete in the very first inter-continental sporting tour.

It tells of the early origins of the game and provides an intimate insight into the lives of some of the characters which influenced the early development of the Victorian game, including each of the players who bravely embarked on the perilous trans-Atlantic journey.

The book reveals comprehensive information about each of the matches played during the tour and subsequent developments which brought about radical changes in the governance of the game.

It provides an absorbing and informative read for the cricket enthusiast, and those with an interest in the early history of the English game.

Author:                      Roy Case

Published by:           AuthorHouse UK

                                   1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington, Indiana 47403, USA

Telephone:                 0800 197 4150 [United Kingdom] Ext. 5255

Available from:         Amazon: Barnes & Noble:

Cost:                           ebook version:            £ 2.99              ISBN 978-1-5246-6458-9

                                     soft cover version:    £ 12.95          ISBN 978-1-5246-6459-6

                                     hard cover version:   £ 23.99          ISBN 978-1-5246-6457-2



Roy Case was born in the village of Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire at the start of the Second World War. He was educated at the Queen Elizabeth Grammar School in Mansfield, following which he joined the Nottingham Forest Football Club where he worked for a short while as a professional footballer. Later on he joined the National Coal Board and qualified as a mining surveyor, before ultimately becoming the Managing Director of a large interior contracting company.

At the age of 55 he retired from work in order to devote his time to his true passion for sport, and golf in particular.

In 1982, whilst serving as the junior organiser at the Radcliffe on Trent Golf Club, he founded the McGregor Trophy, which was later adopted by England Golf, the governing body for amateur golf in England, as the English Boys [Under 16] Open Amateur Stroke-play Championship.

After serving for a number of years on several England Golf committees, he was presented with the Gerald Micklem Award in the Millennium year, for outstanding service to amateur golf, before finally being elected its President in 2008. He also served for more than a decade on the Great Britain & Ireland Boys Selection Committee of the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews.

A former Captain and President of the Radcliffe on Trent Golf Club, he was elected an honorary life-time member of the Club in 2000.

A keen follower of cricket, Case is a member of the Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club and the Association of Cricket Statisticians and Historians.

He has a daughter Sharon, and a son Shaun, who is a master golf professional living in Austria. The eldest of his two grandsons Adam is a film animator living in Manchester, and his youngest Tom is a doctor in Philadelphia, USA.

Other Publications:  The McGregor Story – The First Thirty Years



The England boys’ squad for 2016/17 has a new look, with eight of the nine players selected for the first time.

Norfolk’s Toby Briggs  is the only player who was a member of last year’s squad.

He is joined by Yorkshire’s Barclay Brown, Gloucestershire’s Jack Cope, Hertfordshire’s Danny Daniels, Surrey’s Angus Flanagan, Michael Gilbert of Essex; Conor Gough and Kristian Tannum Donaldson of Berks, Bucks & Oxon; and Thomas Plumb of Dorset.

Collectively the players have an impressive record. Apart from a host of individual success, Briggs, Flanagan and Gilbert were all in England’s winning team at the Boys’ Home Internationals; Cope, Daniels and Tannum Donaldson were in the team which won the Canadian International Junior Challenge; and Brown, Gough and Plumb have been successful U16 internationals.

Barclay Brown, 15, [The Hallamshire] won the inaugural North of England [Under 14] Junior Open Stroke-play Championship at the South Moor Golf Club, County Durham, and shared the honours the following year. Last year Barclay was the leading U18 player at the North of England Youths’ championship and reached the match play stages of the British boys’ championship. The U16 boy international was joint runner-up in the Scottish U16 championship and 15th in the Italian U16 open. He won all six of his matches when representing Yorkshire in the English boys’ county finals.

                                                                                                                            Barclay Brown [The Hallamshire, South Yorkshire]



Guy Carr

South Moor Golf Club have taken their total of grant aid funding past the £100,000 mark in five years following an award of almost £5,000 by Sport England's National Lottery Flood Relief Fund. Just over half the total assistance has been funded by Sport England with the remainder provided by Stanley Area Action Partnership and Stanley Town Council.

South Moor staged the McGregor Trophy, the England Boys Under-16 Open Stroke-play Championship in 2008, won by Jack Hermeston of the City of Newcastle Golf Club.player.

Stanley Area Action Partnership awarded the club a £23,000 grant to stage the event and £2,000 for car park improvements.

Hosting an international tournament previously won by golfers such as Justin Rose, Edoardo Molinari and Graeme Storm drastically raised the profile of the club. So much so, South Moor attracted 80 new members and in 2012 committee man and former captain Guy Carr won England Golf’s Club Development Award

Carr a 51 year-old IT consultant, who lives in Chester-le-Street and is a PGA Level One golf coach, is the major driving force behind the club’s fund raising.

“Our facilities have improved beyond all recognition over the last five years”, said Carr. “These are fantastic times in terms of our rapid development and they are the reward for vast amounts of hard work by many people at the club and at the public bodies who have funded us. We are getting near to completing a par three course and there is an Astroturf short game practice area covering 1,668 square metres which is the biggest of its kind in Europe and includes a practice bunker. We have totally refurbished top class changing rooms, showers and lockers and an extra putting green – part of the Astroturf area – and a new practice driving area.”

Funding also allowed South Moor to be chosen to host the inaugural North of England Under-14 Open in 2014.

“We hosted the event again in 2015, " added Carr. "And after last year’s event we were announced as the permanent home of the tournament. So we have made the most of every last penny in what is a total of £104,196 of public money we have received starting with that great catalyst for us, the McGregor Trophy.

The latest grant, from the Flood Relief Fund, came after South Moor’s course was hit by Storm Desmond in December.

Kevan Jones MP, said, “I was very pleased to hear about this latest funding which provides another welcome boost for the golf club and local community. The club has gone from strength to strength over the last few years, successfully hosting big tournaments, whilst also remaining an important local facility. I look forward to seeing the next stages in the development of the club.”

Jennie Price, Chief Executive of Sport England, said, “We appreciate sport isn’t a major priority when people’s lives, homes and businesses are at risk from flooding.But once communities are starting to get their lives back to normal, being able to use their local pitch or sports club as usual can make a real difference. By launching this fund quickly to help with clean-up and repair costs I hope we can give people affected by the floods one less thing to worry about. We are delighted to be able to get this emergency funding to South Moor.”


South Moor Golf Club is ranked sixth in a list of the 'top ten' golf courses in County Durham recently compiled and published by Today's Golfer.

It describes the course as offering 'lots of tricky shots that can make you look silly if you get them wrong. Lovely when the gorse and heather are in bloom'.

The links at Seaton Carew heads the list with Brancepeth Castle coming a close second, followed by Rockcliffe Hall, Ramside Hall and the Wynard. Hartlepool is placed seventh, followed by the clubs at Castle Eden, Darlington and Tyneside.